Fundraising tips

Mr Pudding’s Top Tips!

Free money I hear you scream? Well not quite free but matched funding is a great way to boost your fundraising. Many companies including Barclays, Expedia and HSBC now run matched funding schemes which could potentially double your total. Speak to your HR department to find out whether your company are being generous this festive season. To ensure that your matched funding is added to your total, just fill in one of our matched giving forms (attached to this issue) and send to us at

Bake Sale

Everyone loves a bit of cake and a bake sale is a great way to get your friends’ and colleagues’ hands in their pockets! Become a ‘Merry Berry’ or ‘Paul Hollybush’ with festive themed bakes and don’t forget the savouries!

Deck Your Desk with Bells & Holly Speed decorating

You may never have heard of it but it’s a great way to raise extra funds. Simply challenge everyone to give a donation and spend a lunch hour making their workspace as Christmassy as possible. Then ask a panel of judges to give a prize to the best (or most outlandish) desk.

Christmas parties

Jingle Bells Christmas parties wouldn’t be the same without the DJ rocking a few naff tunes. This year, why not pop a collection box next to the decks and ask people to make a donation every time they request a track. And remember, the cheesier the better!

Quiz It Up!

Christmas is a great time for a quiz – especially if you find a cosy pub to host it in. All you need to do is find some questions, choose a quiz master, rustle up some prizes and away you go. Now, who can name all of Santas’ reindeer?

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